Mulholland Attends Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition

PB Oil and Gas Magazine recently published an article about Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition’s recent conference where members of our leadership team were in attendance.

Mulholland Attends Permian Basin Road Safety Coalition

TxDOT chairman Bruce Bugg told attendees at a May 22 luncheon in Midland that his visit gave him a much clearer picture of the Basin’s traffic issues than the traffic numbers had indicated.

For those of us who drive the region every day, our only surprise is when we arrive at our destination without a near-miss or without passing a crash scene.

That’s the case for conference attendee Armando Ortega, sales development manager for Mulholland Energy Services in Pecos. “Our goal here is to put out the word for the public about driver awareness. We preach it and practice it every day at work, but trying to get that information out to the community is our top priority right now.” He added, “We learn a lot from these meetings.”

As one who was involved with this coalition from the start, Ortega has seen attendance grow significantly over the last 12 months. Maybe the word is indeed getting out.

Coworker Nicholas Gallegos, Mulholland’s HSE and security director, said the meetings encourage him by showing that “we’re not the only ones out there” emphasizing safety. “If you live here, you have family on the roads, too. I have a wife and two kids that I think about every day that I send my drivers out on the roads. We remind our drivers of that every day.”

Gallegos sees where the influx of people echoes history. “I guess you could look at it as this is a modern day gold rush—everybody’s rushing here for the modern day gold rush.”

PB Oil and Gas Magazine, JUNE 1, 2019 BY BAILEY LEROUX

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