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Rig & Tank Cleaning Mulholland energy services provides all types of cleaning services to quickly handle all types of cleaning projects you have. Unlike other 2-person wash crew services, our cleaning crews arrive with all the necessary equipment and skills to complete any rig cleaning project and all tank cleaning projects.

Our crews utilize hydrovac trucks, 4-unit high pressure wash trucks, vacuum trucks and vacuum boxes with roll-off transport trucks to complete your entire cleaning project with only one call.

Mulholland Energy Services strictly adheres to all environmental rules and regulations surrounding every job we do We want all of our customers to feel secure in the fact that all of your tank cleaning needs will be met with quality control measures that guarantee you no risk of contaminants left in your tanks when the job is done.

Pit Cleaning


Rig Wash/Detox


Frac Tank Cleanout


Frac Sand Removal


Solids Removal

Roll Off-Solids

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