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Hydro Excavation

The high-pressure water system we utilize in our hydro excavation process allows us to break up soil in a controlled, safe and non-destructive manner. We utilize state-of-the-art hydro excavation equipment and technology. 

Tank Cleaning

Mulholland Energy Services utilizes a vast selection of its divisions to safely and professionally perform tank cleaning. With the ability to use a 4 gun wash unit to clean the tank, super vac to remove the fluids & debris, vacuum truck to supply the water, and vacuum boxes to dispose of the material, there is no need to employ another company.  

Fluid Hauling

Fluid hauling is a critical component of the drilling, completion and production phases of a well.  Mulholland Energy Services deploys a large fleet of vac trucks ready to safely respond to customer’s needs 24/7.

End Dumps | Solids Hauling

Mulholland Energy Services utilizes a fleet of end dump trucks that are available 24/7.  Our trained personel can safely pick up or deliver materials for customers upon request.

Roll Off Boxes

Mulholland Energy Services provides vacuum roll off boxes and cuttings boxes with or without rails for solids control needs. We provide 24/7 transportation service coverage for pickup, delivery and disposal.

Waste Disposal

Mulholland Energy Services provides equipment and highly skilled, experienced operators to safely remove all wastes from your site. 

Water Transfer

Mulholland Energy Services provides a complete fluid transfer solution with the newest & most reliable equipment. Our team has more than 20 years of combined experience.

Rig Cleaning

With the ability to have a 4 person crew working, Mulholland Energy Services, can clean multiple areas of the rig at one time while also reducing the time it takes to clean the rig. All crews are certified to operate a man lift preventing the need to use a second or third person to help complete a task. 

Casing Clean | Drift | Tally

We provide a full clean, drift and tally service for drill casing on rig sites offering laser or manual tally capabilities to tally casing quickly and accurately. At the conclusion of each job a tally of the casing is provided.

Emergency Response

Mulholland Energy Services provides turnkey solutions to your emergency needs. 

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